Who Am I?

Believe me, there are days that is the only appropriate question! Especially in the middle of the summer season when no-one in the team has slept for 72 hours.

I run the best escort agency in Marbella. And compared to most jobs I have had, including time in major corporate ones, it’s pretty enjoyable.

I’m English. I like people. I like to please. But it’s best not to cross me as I have an extremely long memory.

I got into the sex industry sort of by accident. Even now that’s true of most people, even though some girls at the very top of the industry choose this as an insanely lucrative alternative to anything else they could do.

I like sex. I like men. I like women. So I’m kind of in the right place at the right time.  Most of the time it’s good fun.

escorts marbella

But then every so often something happens that just reduces me to sighs and head shaking.

escort service Marbella

I’m planning on sharing both, plus some other things I find interesting. Be warned. As well as being keen on sex and everything that goes with it, I’m also a shameless geek.

I hope you like what I have to share with you.


Ione x



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