It’s Fun & Games Till Someone Gets Hurt

It’s all fun fun fun until someone gets hurt. And I have written recently about another event which caused problems and made me worried and I just had another. This is most unusual!

Most of the time it’s fun fun fun. I do mean that from the bottom of my heart. The girls enjoy the work and make some money and it’s lovely seeing happy satisfied customers getting exactly what they want; a cheeky thrill and a bit of a ride.

Beautiful women should be treated well

Beautiful women should be treated well

99% of all our bookings go off smoothly and without a hitch. Okay maybe not without a hitch, maybe with the wrong directions, the wrong hotel, the wrong outfits, the wrong price, but in the main it’s incredibly successful and everybody gets what they want.

So I am far from being negative. But as I say, just recently I had yet another problem. One of our beautiful escort girls turned up to see a gorgeous gentleman that she had met before for an overnight stay and as she arrived he paid her the money and all seemed good. So we said goodbye for a few hours and planned to catch up with her at the end date.

However a few hours later I get a panic phone call from her and a strange message from him.

His message leaves word that he needs to return to his boat in the early hours of the morning unexpectedly, therefore he does not want to keep the lady any longer, can he pay less? Of course I say no. He’s paying her time and company and the contract was that she would stay the full time. She seem to still want to stay, so he has to pay irrelevant of how long they actually stay together.

Leaving or arriving?

Leaving or arriving?

However the girl tells a different story. It seems that after a few hours of play and chat this particular gentleman wants to have sex without a condom. This is completely against the rules – if there are any rules of course – none of the ladies I work with will have unprotected sex. I would not expect them to. In fact I would be horrified if they did and I have sacked girls who have done exactly this when I found out.

In this business safe practice is essential and as you can imagine all of our professional escorts are totally conscious of sexual health. Far more so than the general public. So it is always protected sex. That is about her protection and his.

It always amazes me how gentlemen can want unprotected sex with a girl who has probably had more sex in the last week than he has had in the last year. Even though I know they are safe, surely he would be taking the risk, however small. So protected sex at all times ladies and gentlemen!

So, having been rejected by my lady the client persisted. He actually persisted quite strongly and verbally violently. Of course he wasn’t going to get what he wanted so he made some excuse about having to leave early and called me wanting a refund.

This was not going to happen. So I suggested to him that if he had to leave now he should do so and we part as friends.

He insisted that he was going to call the police as his mother  – yes his mother’s – party is in local government. I suggested that he called the police straight away as I have a very good working relationship with them. Prostitution is completely legal here in Spain and the police are always happy to accommodate and protect young ladies. So I told him “Please, go right ahead”.

I also told him that I’d be very happy to talk to his mother. I didn’t think he quite got my full meaning.

Playing nicely

Playing nicely

But fortunately for all concerned he backs down. I had the hotel number on speed dial and was just about to ask reception to run up and knock on the door when the beautiful lady in question told me she was outside and that she was fine. She and I talked later and no damage done.

But this particular client is now blacklisted and I have told all of my escort ladies who work with other agencies and independently. So the choice is there. This is the kind of industry where it’s important to share this kind of information. So having recently had a couple of incidents I feel confident (or maybe not) that I can go forward with the rest of the summer pretty much without incident .

I will have to wait and see but everybody now has a big smile back on their face and is looking forward to the next instalment of my funny stories. So that’s the important thing don’t you think?


Ione x

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Ester loses her slave

I don’t believe this life some days and I live it. So I am just going to start at the end. Writing all of the history would just be boring for me to write and am sure dull for you to read so here goes.


Dress down Friday for a Mistress

“You didn’t? OMG!” I exclaim.

“Yes this is exactly what happened.” She tells me.

I am talking to Esther who is our resident Domme here on the coast and she is regaling me with a story from last nights booking with a regular high flyer that comes into town on a regular basis. I shall for the sake of discretion call him Mr Boat. Running a successful escort service means being discreet!

Mr Boat usually sees two or three ladies a week when he visits here in Marbella. Sometimes for an overnight and sometimes just for a few hours of chatting, flirting and a little “fun.” He is a great guy. I really like him and so do all of my ladies, so there is usually much competition when he arrives in town as to who will get the gig.

Last night Ester was the lucky girl!  Yes she is our resident Mistress, but she is also a lot of fun and always very up for meeting a nice chap.

So as always Mr Boat and Ester met in the port for a few drinks and some good old fashioned people watching. Now, Mr Boat knows what Ester does for us most of the time. It’s not his thing, but of course like most people he is curious and as long as she promised not to “beat him or tie him up” he welcomed the unusual meeting. And she was fine with that. Even the Marbella Mistress likes to just sit and relax sometimes!

It seemed the meeting was going well as both of them contacted me a couple of hours into the appointment to agree for an extension to the original time.  “Happy to oblige,” I said, though I was a little surprised that the meeting was going that well. You never know.


There’s a good boy. Now park the car.

So the meeting extended and all seemed happy. Mr Boat got his fill of people watching and a little more than he bargained for in terms of the details of Esters day-to-day life. As they were about to say goodbye in the early hours of the morning, Ester let me know so that we could both “knock off for the night”.  I don’t finish until my last lady goes home safe and sound.

So next day we were chatting about how it went and as you can imagine the conversation had lots of Oohs and Ahhs. However the biggest exclamation was when I found out that she and Mr Boat had finished their date and that they had both gone to find her slave…yes I did say slave.

You see Ester has a slave who attends to her every need. Just like in Roman times, she keeps a man who is her personal beck and call boy. So he had driven her to her date and been told to wait in the car until she had finished. 4 hours later.

However when she had gone to find him he was not there.

Fortunately Mr Boat being the perfect gentlemen was still with Ester and they spent the next hour looking for her slave. Imagine the scene. An ultra conservative business man searching for a male slave around the street of Marbella at 5am with a petite but determined blonde in spike heels and jeans.


That isn’t going to get you forgiven

It turns out had been moved on by the police for bad parking and his mobile no long ago run out of battery. And he wasn’t sure whether to walk around trying to find her as he had been instructed to stay in the car. She had to take a taxi home, she was not well pleased and she has put him up for sale. The slave that is. He’s on Ebay today.

He’s is going cheap if you want him.


Ione x