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British Girls Are Exotic (?)

Can you believe it? It seems that British girls have become exotic end something of a novelty.

The market seems to be flooded with girls from other nationalities. Not only eastern Europeans, but beautiful Italian and Spanish girls. Of course I also have Scandinavian girls, Russian girls and my lovely South Americans, But it does seem that as there are so few British girls of the right class working here, British seems exotic.

Monica bellucci boobs and beach

Lovely, but I want a bird from Bradford please…

I get requests from guys saying “do you have any English girls?”. Surprisingly this is often UK numbers, so British men abroad looking for British girls rather than a taste of something different. We British are a xenophobic lot in every way apparently! I would have thought that someone looking for a Marbella escort would want something more of a local flavour or perhaps something a little spicier or normally out of reach.

However this seems to not be the case. British boys want British girls! However getting British girls is slightly more challenging because they are much more difficult to find amongst the bevy of international beauty that is now working in this industry. I also have to say, and forgive me here ladies, that British girls who escort Marbella clients are usually more difficult to work with.

I don’t know if it’s our British attitudes to sex and the sex industry, but we Brits seem to be much more conservative in our view of the work and what´s necessary in doing the work. Or at least in setting ourselves up to work, anyway.

If a hot Italian flies in, she will immediately supply pictures and a list of services and availability and off we go. It´s like having Marbella escorts in a box…just add website! The same could be said of the spicy Brazilian or interesting Hungarians, all of whom send me everything I need to be up and running immediately: I can market them by WhatsApp even before I get them on the website, and out web team work 24/7!

Brits can be sexy too

Brits can be sexy too

However with a British girl who escorts Marbella clients it often involves two or three phone calls and a process of counselling before they appear on the books. Of course there are exceptions, but generally the British girls are more difficult to work with. They don´t have photos and often don´t understand why they would be needed (!), every service gets greeted with “it depends” and it is not unusual for them to specify the nationalities, age range and BMI of the men they will meet. Hey, they are independent so it´s their decision but it does make it more difficult when I have to choose between putting the client through a tough interview questionnaire, or just sending a red-hot chica and saving everyone time and heartache!

But there are times when it doesn’t matter that British girls are tricky to work with because I can charge a premium, they can make a little bit more money and the customer gets what he wants. And that is most important, that the client gets what he wants. If he has a hankering for British babes, I´m the woman to help him out, no matter how tricky the supplier may be.

Kelly brook leather jacket and sheer panties

Yeah, OK. British girls…

I don’t necessarily advertise that we are British owned and run but somehow the girls seem to find out.  And as working girls are as xenophobic as the next Brit and typically have only one language, unlike the other European ladies or ladies from all over the world that speak several languages, British girls like to stick to what we know and feel more comfortable talking to an English woman. So yes I am in the fortunate position that I do attract British working girls. I am also in the unfortunate position that I often have to train them to be professional…

So if you are away on holiday with the lads of a long weekend and just fancy something a little bit naughty but that still reminds you at home, someone you can have a conversation with if you choose to and someone that is kind of familiar, please get in contact. Because I’ve got access the perfect girl for you! I can’t say that I’ve got English Scottish and Welsh tottie lining up at my door, but I am more likely to have them other agencies. So come on down boys and book your British escort working in Spain!


Ione x

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It’s Fun & Games Till Someone Gets Hurt

It’s all fun fun fun until someone gets hurt. And I have written recently about another event which caused problems and made me worried and I just had another. This is most unusual!

Most of the time it’s fun fun fun. I do mean that from the bottom of my heart. The girls enjoy the work and make some money and it’s lovely seeing happy satisfied customers getting exactly what they want; a cheeky thrill and a bit of a ride.

Beautiful women should be treated well

Beautiful women should be treated well

99% of all our bookings go off smoothly and without a hitch. Okay maybe not without a hitch, maybe with the wrong directions, the wrong hotel, the wrong outfits, the wrong price, but in the main it’s incredibly successful and everybody gets what they want.

So I am far from being negative. But as I say, just recently I had yet another problem. One of our beautiful escort girls turned up to see a gorgeous gentleman that she had met before for an overnight stay and as she arrived he paid her the money and all seemed good. So we said goodbye for a few hours and planned to catch up with her at the end date.

However a few hours later I get a panic phone call from her and a strange message from him.

His message leaves word that he needs to return to his boat in the early hours of the morning unexpectedly, therefore he does not want to keep the lady any longer, can he pay less? Of course I say no. He’s paying her time and company and the contract was that she would stay the full time. She seem to still want to stay, so he has to pay irrelevant of how long they actually stay together.

Leaving or arriving?

Leaving or arriving?

However the girl tells a different story. It seems that after a few hours of play and chat this particular gentleman wants to have sex without a condom. This is completely against the rules – if there are any rules of course – none of the ladies I work with will have unprotected sex. I would not expect them to. In fact I would be horrified if they did and I have sacked girls who have done exactly this when I found out.

In this business safe practice is essential and as you can imagine all of our professional escorts are totally conscious of sexual health. Far more so than the general public. So it is always protected sex. That is about her protection and his.

It always amazes me how gentlemen can want unprotected sex with a girl who has probably had more sex in the last week than he has had in the last year. Even though I know they are safe, surely he would be taking the risk, however small. So protected sex at all times ladies and gentlemen!

So, having been rejected by my lady the client persisted. He actually persisted quite strongly and verbally violently. Of course he wasn’t going to get what he wanted so he made some excuse about having to leave early and called me wanting a refund.

This was not going to happen. So I suggested to him that if he had to leave now he should do so and we part as friends.

He insisted that he was going to call the police as his mother  – yes his mother’s – party is in local government. I suggested that he called the police straight away as I have a very good working relationship with them. Prostitution is completely legal here in Spain and the police are always happy to accommodate and protect young ladies. So I told him “Please, go right ahead”.

I also told him that I’d be very happy to talk to his mother. I didn’t think he quite got my full meaning.

Playing nicely

Playing nicely

But fortunately for all concerned he backs down. I had the hotel number on speed dial and was just about to ask reception to run up and knock on the door when the beautiful lady in question told me she was outside and that she was fine. She and I talked later and no damage done.

But this particular client is now blacklisted and I have told all of my escort ladies who work with other agencies and independently. So the choice is there. This is the kind of industry where it’s important to share this kind of information. So having recently had a couple of incidents I feel confident (or maybe not) that I can go forward with the rest of the summer pretty much without incident .

I will have to wait and see but everybody now has a big smile back on their face and is looking forward to the next instalment of my funny stories. So that’s the important thing don’t you think?


Ione x

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We Are Having A Run On Louisas

Some days you just don’t have enough Louisas.

It’s really strange; you can not work with particular girl for days, weeks or even months, and then suddenly everybody you talk to wants to meet that particular lady. I don’t understand it. But sometimes you just get a run a particular beautiful girl.

sexy legs in high heels and stiockings

Barely enough time to change undies

All I do know is that you should look for when that particular lady is hot, and recognise that when she is hot she will sell all the time. And it’s best to maximise it when it happens. Especially as it doesn’t last. There will always be another flavour of the month. Being an escort in Marbella or pretty much anywhere else is like that.

The girls seem to understand this as well and the best are always chasing work. They want more work and are always requesting more work. But they generally understand that in the same way that they may sometimes be quiet for a period, they will be also have periods of being incredibly busy. So busy that there is just not enough time in the day or night to meet all the clients who want to see them.

I suppose it’s a bit like being an actress. Sometimes you’ll be resting and you don’t get a call for little while and you should just enjoy that time, because if you’re good then you will soon be back in high demand.

That’s the cycle Louisa has been through. She is a fabulously attractive woman, beautiful and striking, sexy and sensual. And also incredibly professional, sweet and friendly. But for a few weeks she hasn’t been that busy. Then all hell broke loose and she was suddenly the flavour of the month. Every other call was to arrange a date with her and the shortest of them was for three hours.


A nice coffee before the next wave

And because she is so striking, tall and exotic it was also incredibly difficult to switch sell to others of our Marbella escorts. We very quickly reached the point where we had a waiting list to meet her! She made the same in two days as she had made the previous month and, bless her, was willing to work all the hours of the day and night because she knew that this was the time to “make hay”.

Other less professional girls might have protested about being too tired, or objected to being so busy, because they would have assumed that having started the purple patch would go on forever. But we and she knew that our “run on Louisas” must have an end point. And since we couldn’t clone her or manufacture a substitute, we just moved heaven and earth to take advantage of the opportunity.

So the moral of this is; recognise when you are and hot and take full advantage of it. Because it may not be that way tomorrow!


Ione x

british union flag wrapped around naked woman with bulldog in backgroun

Hear the Cougars Roar!

Mature Escorts in Marbella are having a great time!

It used to be that young men had a “Mrs Robinson” fantasy now everyone is at it. The Cougar the MILF are now terms that are even common in everyday language. There is even a new category for GILF (look it up)

So whats changed?  Well, life really!

We are all living longer and taking care of ourselves better. Technology and cosmetics have helped everyone look better for longer. We are fitter and have better nutrition.  So an 80 year old now can be as fit as a 50 year old and still packed with energy. And many 50 year olds are in better shape than 20 year olds.

Incidentally, An Bancroft was 36 when she played Mrs Robinson and Dustin Hoffman was 30. That’s how times have changed!

Now I am not suggesting that we have 80 year old Escorts, but to an older Gentlemen a 50 year old lady is to quote my Grandfather “a hot bit of stuff” who can still look amazing but have some real world experience to share.

Just looking to todays female icons, many are approaching or over 50 and still look amazing. Selma Hayek, Monica Bellucci, Sharon Stone, Sandra Bullock, Julianne Moore, Demi Moore…

As for the younger man’s fantasy of the older experienced woman, it is such a cliche but as with most cliches it’s true.  Having a beautiful woman take control of your sexual fantasies even just for an hour or two, a sensual older woman who knows what to do can be a very powerful experience.

So as well as the phone ringing off the hook for our younger ladies our two “older” Escorts gear up for a busy week.  Its always a fun competition between the generations to see who gets the most Gentlemen callers.

Any bets? What odds?


Ione x

PS: Last week experience won by 50% …

Ever thought of being an Escort in Marbella?


Ever thought of being an escort?  Well I suppose a certain percentage of the population must have, if they are honest, and while most take no action and just remain curious some “take the plunge”

If you do think of becoming an escort, we are always happy to pass on advice, helpful hints and tips as well as a very straight forward view of the pros and cons of the work.

For most Escorts that’s what it is, Now please don’t get me wrong, the majority of the gentlemen we see are just that; gentlemen. They become our friends as well as our lovers and often we form a special connection.  But for however long we are the perfect girlfriend, as soon as the date is over, no matter how much affection is involved, we say goodbye until the next time.

Of course some guests are brief ships that pass in the night. A one-time guest or someone who wants to try something different to what they might have at home,or they simply need to find relief.  No matter what your reason for visiting we hope to provide the experience you desire.

All of this said, most Escorts enjoy the work and the personal and financial freedom it provides, otherwise the job would simply be impossible to maintain.

Being an Escort can a large degree of freedom in terms of both the money and the time required to do the job. certainly at the level our ladies play it is an extremely time-efficient way to earn a significant income. It’s also a chance to meet a host of really interesting people; both Clients and others that work in around the industry. And while “civilians” wouldn’t appreciate it, it really is a very large industry. Certainly here in Marbella!

However, without dwelling on the negative, it also has it challenges. One of which is not being able to tell friends and family what you do, and also the extra need to be away of safety at all times. Both physical and in terms of sexual health. We are fanatical about helping our ladies take care of both!

In terms of the 2nd Circle ladies we have a mixture of newbies and “old hands”.  No matter what, I can say that I am always impressed with the level professionalism and enthusiasm that they show.

So if you want to be an escort, give us a call and we let you know the ins and outs…pun intended! And if you don’t, remember that your choice doesn’t make you better than someone who does, just different.


Ione.  X

Escorts in Marbella Episode 2

The sexy Marbella Escorts of 2nd Circle Marbella work hard to keep their tans topped up! Feel free to watch!

I need sex NOW!

OK, it’s fairly clear what the ladies of 2nd Circle Marbella provide their clients by way of companionship, though obviously as an Agency we are merely arranging for time together, and anything else that might happen is between consenting adults.

Even so, it’s a constant surprise to receive calls with very specific requirements that end in the word “NOW!”. OK, if you’ve had a night on the tiles and need some relaxation before going to sleep. Or if you’ve managed to sneak away at lunch time and just want a bit of company. 

But who suddenly realises – at ten minutes notice – that what they really need, right now, is a blonde lady over 175cms tall, a brunette under 165cms, and some James Brown on the iPod. For three hours? Followed by dinner? Really? You just realised?


We love our guests dearly and it’s great entertaining them and being in their company. Sometimes, though, the way things happen just defies prediction! But I guess when the urge for company strikes and you have the ability to make it happen, what the heck? So we may be caught by surprise sometimes, but we always smile because it’s going to be fun!

Incidentally, the answer was;

“Yes, no problem. The wine is also ready for you. And will Sex Machine be OK as a James Brown album?”

We aim to please. But give us 12 hours notice if you want someone to impersonate The Imp from Game of Thrones…


Ione x