What exactly is the key that allows a pair of escort agencies with rather distinct concepts to remain mutually successful in appealing to and then maintaining the loyalty of a number of the entire worlds most remarkable, alluring and delightful high-end working girls?

Exactly how do these guys attract the very finest world sexy women to what is a famous but relatively small township? Surely the most desired elite call girls might prefer to be perhaps in capitals such as Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam or New York? Or if they prefer to be in a more relaxed locale for the summertime, undoubtedly they would be wanted in premier holiday spots like Cannes, The Hamptons or Caribbean hideaways such as Grand Cayman ? Or if they choose to party whenever they are not getting the job done, certainly Majorca would be a better choice than Marbella?

Both of them spend a ton of resources, cash and work to catch the attention of the ideal selection and sorts of premium top class prostitutes, a lot of whom have likely never operated in Spain before, nor frequented Marbella, Puerto Banus and the Costa Del Sol.

Marbella escort girls from Marbella Beauties and 2nd Circle call girl Marbella are 2 of the best call girl agencies on the Costa Del Sol, Spain.

Both organizations are disarmingly straightforward about just how they accomplish it. The essentials as they explain it are these:

Be businesslike, truthful and respectful when you talk with the ladies. Treat them as intelligent people not idiotic simpletons!

If an escort requests that she is removes from the website, remove their photos an detail straight away. No arguing or debating or delaying.

Confidentiality is really important. Respect what the girls ask for. Whether they want their images pixellated or not. What name and nationality they want stated. Whether they want distinctive tattoos photoshopped. The type of booking they wiant. And the types that they will not go for. What services they offer, might offer, and absolutely will not offer!

Create a web site that girls see as enticing, on which they will be relaxed possessing their pics and credibility and reputations accessible for anyone to take a look at.

Remain calm and relaxed, no matter what it going on. Your job is to be the calm and professional face and voice, no matter what night be going on. The job can be stressful enough for the girls without having the agency booker freaking out at the end of the phone! Peaceful, graceful and elegant. No matter how desperately you are kicking under the surface just to stay afloat.

Take a justifiable fee. Do not require to earn greater than the whores. The ladies are undertaking the donkeywork and these professionals can get rid of you quicker and more effortlessly than you can substitute them. (It seems it is common for agencies to require 50% commission then afterwards have the agency owner do the driving; which in turn can have the effect that from a 300 euro booking with fifty for “transportation”, the girl gets a hundred & fifty euro and the agent proprietor 200!).

Keep them safe. (This obviously applies to clients as well).

All really good comments. It all sounds so simple. But then most things do in theory; it when it comes to practise that the wheels normally fall off!


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