Behind The Scenes

I know you are nervous and that you are worried about discretion. I understand all of this and will do what I can to help ease your mind and offer a professional service. However, once you make the call to us and request a Marbella escort, all sorts of things happen behind the scenes to ensure that she is delivered to you fresh and hot like a delivery pizza! So if in doubt please don’t book, especially late at night when everyone is running round and feeling the pressure!

escort arriving at clients door wearing lingerie and a coat

Your present has arrived

If you do book, stuff happens behind the scenes that you would normally never know about.

The escort girl of your choice has to be contacted, sometimes woken up or harried from a nightclub or bar. She has to agree to the booking and so needs all of the information before she says yes. This may involve a change of outfit, special equipment or other specialist services that need to be prepared for.

She may be in entirely the wrong location and need to travel to reach you. A driver might be dispatched to fetch her for you. All of this needs to be done at high speed and accurately to make sure that everyone remains safe and happy! So, for example, the driver may well be rolling to get her before the booking is confirmed in order to save time. It just part of the business.

Most bookings happen within a hour from actual booking to the beautiful escort of your choice arriving at your door. Some of course are much faster and some are booked days in advance!

Of course the only booking that is important is yours, but spare a thought for the girl who answers the phone at 2 in the morning and has 6 or 7 other enquires to deal with all wanting sex now!


Ione x


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