The summer officially started on 21st June. Good to know. In reality it’s been summer here in Marbella since mid May. At least that’s when the visitors really started to return in decent numbers. Indeed the tourist authorities in Malaga say that after a record-breaking 2014 we have had the busiest May ever. Which is quite impressive as Marbella was supposed to have died a few years ago. Some corpse!

Abandoned winter Ocean club marbella

From the winter…

But the main season will really hit mid July. So those of us who are already a little tired and jaded had better get ready for what’s to come!

The summer explosion of wealthy visitors also means an influx of visiting escort girls into Marbella. It is estimated that up to 5,000 visiting escorts flood the area during the summer months. And it feels as though most of them contact us about getting work. We could spend our entire summer interviewing beautiful and glamorous women….it’s a tough life.

In reality, we have to be very strict about time management as well as extraordinarily tough and selective about who we choose to work with. The summer is so busy that we really can’t be spending time with unprofessional or flaky people. So yes, looks and sex appeal are important if a girl wants to escort Marbella clients, but personality and approach matter much more.

four girls in bikini at pool party in marbella

To the summer…

And the season has been a little strange so far in that it has been full of peaks and troughs. The troughs are still flipping busy, by the way! It is that way, that’s just the way this business is, but the peaks usually relate to something; public and school holidays, Ramadan, the weather, even people fleeing an election! But this year so far there hasn’t been any reason behind the fluctuations. So I think we are just going to accept that we have to be ready at a moment’s notice for whatever gets thrown at us!


Ione x


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