Oh God it’s going to be one of “those” photos shoots!

As some of you may know I used to have a very successful career as a Domme, but these days I prefer to dominate the Escort Agency scene here on the Costa del Sol.


Just take the photos and keep your opinion to yourself…

So the beautiful, sexy and scary Ester has now been recruited to our “resident Domme” and this is her first shoot with us. However looking at the face of our photographer it may be her last!

Now I know that Ester understands her way around the whips and chains and is expert in humiliation and the pleasures of a strap-on, but the directing a photo shoot? Well, I have professionals for that …

This is just a test shoot to get her up and running with us. We will be taking many more photos as we go into the summer and we have some fixed ideas as to how we want to present her as opposed to he other ladies who offer services here.

She is beautiful of course, but let’s be honest what we don’t want is a lovely gentleman booking the wrong type of services and getting the shock of his life when a Mistress turns up. Especially not if she mistakes his protests and screams for part of the fun … So beauty notwithstanding, she needs to be presented in a certain way.

Anyway I digress.

Where's the hessian rope then?

Where’s the hessian rope then?

Mistress Ester has just decided that what the photoshoot needs to spice it up is nothing as simple as the chains, shackles, riding crops, whips, thigh boots, corsets, pvc, latex and leather. What we really need with no notice whatsoever is … two oiled up muscular boys bound with some nice rough hessian rope. The they can kneel down side-by-side while she uses them as human furniture.

I explain gently that this is just a starter shoot. And besides which, I don’t keep oiled up male gym bunnies on standby. She gives me the Domme version of a thousand yard stare. She’s very good at it but I laugh anyway.

Then I explain a bit more pointedly. and slowly. And she stares harder.

So I stare back. Now there’s two professional sadists giving each other the evil eye like old-fashioned gunslingers. The tension crackles in the air. I quite like it.

The photographer gives it two minutes of watching us patiently.  A blonde dressed in a skin-tight pvc catsuit with her boobs half out and me in a pencil skirt and five inch Louboutins and I’ve just come back from a business meeting.


Too much for vanilla clients?

The he just starts clicking away and directing and keeps at it until the latent narcism that sits just below the surface of all Dommes starts to overwhelm Ester and she gets in the appropriate mood. And ther shoot proper begins as I dodge back into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee and hide while I very nearly pee myself laughing.

Anyway, the results are good and everyone is happy and the next shoot is planned for the coming weekend. And no, I still haven’t organised the oiled boys. But if I do, I will let you know.

Oh the glamour of the Costa del Sol sex scene!


Ione x


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