Rather be in Aberdeen?

I ran into a lovely Scottish lady who’s an intermittent neighbour of mine in Marbella. We were both out walking our little dogs in the rain and dark, due to the alleged eclipse this morning! As we Brits do, the chat quickly fell to the weather (as did this post, LOL)

After a few minutes she made a comment that I just found hysterical and have to share.

“Oh hasn’t the weather been horrible the past four days?  I looked at the weather back home this morning and it’s 12 degrees and sunny. Isn’t it ironic?”

carmen_lectra_ with_tousled_hair_in_white_bikini

I’m sure she’d rather be in Aberdeen

Obviously I smiled and agreed. Because I’m English. But it’s 14 degrees here today, though it feels colder in our marble and concrete-clad homes. And in the three months my friend has been in Marbs she has seen five days of rain. The rest of the time it’s been gorgeous and she is sporting an amazing tan like most people have in August. Or in Aberdeen, never!

Her next line killed me.

“It would be so much nicer to be there today.”

Erm…of course, dear.

Running an escort agency I get to hear the strangest things in my professional life. But it’s often just chats with the general public that floor me!

Aberdeen’s a lovely place. I have family there. The severe granite makes for truly beautiful buildings. And Aberdonians are a friendly lot. They even deal with the low level radiation from all the granite remarkably well. LOL. The sunlight glinting off the stark grey of the granite can be magical on the one day a year it happens.

The ability people have to get used to their situation and find greener grass on the other side of the fence never fails to amaze me.  I get the idea of more and better. I invented the concept. But come on, when you’re wishing you were in Aberdeen instead of Marbella for the weather…


Ione x







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