Escorts in Marbella are as varied as the clients that they see.  It takes all types to make a world. And this is true when selling sexual services here on the Costa del Sol. Or anywhere else for that matter!

Puerto Banus, Marbella, and the Costa del Sol area are still very popular tourist destinations. Being only 2 or 3 hours away from the UK and most of Northern Europe it is extremely convenient. That means it is still an excellent place to take a short break and get some sun both in the winter and in the summer.


There is a lot to do during the day, with the beaches, shopping and sports such as tennis, golf and sailing. But of course the area is also well known for its fabulous infamous night life.

I think that it would surprise people to know the number of call girls, escorts and sex providers that come to Marbella and the surrounding areas each year just to work during the summer season. In August the population of Marbella reaches a peak of 250,000 to 270,000. The population of sex workers increases to approximately 5,000.

A little basic maths gives that at one “working girl” for every 50 visitors. But realistically, it is one sex worker for every 10 men!

Escorts Marbella

Sexy Marbella Summer

These escort girls visit from all over Europe, but especially from the countries and cities that “close” for summer. That means girls flock to Marbella from Paris, Madrid and Barcelona especially. In terms of nationality, stick a pin in the map and there will be at least one sex worker from there. Sex is the most global of businesses.

Needless to say, with those figures, most of the girls that are here do not get a lot of business. Only the girls working with the best escort agencies in Marbella will tend to make money by meeting the best clients. At the height of the season the sex tourist trade in Marbella and Puerto Banus is highly active across all areas. You are sure to find something for everyone!

BDSM escort Marbella

Something for every taste

Visiting the Costa may well be the best time for you to try something new. Or even to try booking an escort for the very first time.  Be assured that sex work in Spain  is totally legal for both parties. The overt adverts and even billboards should reassure you on that!

The Marbella area especially is well known for being a party town with beach clubs bars and night clubs to suit all tastes and styles.  This is why the area has such an active tourist trade. There is something to suit every appetite.

The beach bars and nightclubs are filled with a vast range of individuals from all walks of life. You could be partying with an Arab prince or with a brick layer from Bolton. Our girls do! This eclectic party scene attracts the best escorts to Marbella. And they in turn attract the best visitors and bring additional colour to the party scene.

escorts Marbella

So whether you choose the Costa just to get some sun, or if you are a keen clubber. Or if you just want to swing a club on the golf course, why not end your day with a beautiful Marbella escort? A reward to yourself and a memory that will stay with you once you return home. All of the escorts Marbella has to offer will be thrilled to meet you.


Ione x


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