Just Like a Swan

Laughing through the chaos

Laughing through the chaos

It’s funny how things turn on their heads sometimes. I was chatting with Diana at lunchtime on Wednesday about what to expect when she returned at the weekend. And, to be honest,except for our Ramadan-related tourist business, it had been a quiet few days – as it often is at the start of the school holidays – and we were getting used to the idea of that remaining the case for a little longer.

Then a lovely chap I will call the Explorer gets back in touch to say that he’d finally landed after having to change flights. So his business meetings were a bit messed up and he thought he would rather play that night than tomorrow. Fair enough I thought.

Oh, and could we arrange entertainment for his six friends as well? In three hours? OK, so at 2nd Circle Marbella the answer is always “Yes. Now what was the question?” But shitballs on fire! While we have 8 of my friends either “On Tour” with clients around Europe or on holiday as this should be a quietish period…

Chaos ensues…cue the soundtrack of Keystone Cops or Wacky Races as favors are called in, questions asked, photos obtained…references taken, you can imagine. Or maybe it’s better if you don’t. The cliche is that the two things you never want seen are sausages and laws. Well I can add a third!

An hour after I spoke with the Explorer, I am sitting in the very pleasant cocktail bar at his hotel overlooking the Med, sipping on a Margarita with an iPad full of very sexy photos of a buffet of beautiful babes. And Explorer and his friends are flipping through them with their eyes like saucers and the same grin that a seven year old gets on Christmas morning…

And the swan that is I sedately progresses across the surface of the water and the boys can’t imagine the frantic paddling of feet under the surface!

The date arranged, everyone meets up – which with fourteen people and me all greeting each other at the same time, the mwah mwah all round is a bit of a sight to behold. Then the swan disappears to leave everyone to enjoy their dates and returns to the nest to put her feet up.

Ione x


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