Hear the Cougars Roar!

Mature Escorts in Marbella are having a great time!

It used to be that young men had a “Mrs Robinson” fantasy now everyone is at it. The Cougar the MILF are now terms that are even common in everyday language. There is even a new category for GILF (look it up)

So whats changed?  Well, life really!

We are all living longer and taking care of ourselves better. Technology and cosmetics have helped everyone look better for longer. We are fitter and have better nutrition.  So an 80 year old now can be as fit as a 50 year old and still packed with energy. And many 50 year olds are in better shape than 20 year olds.

Incidentally, An Bancroft was 36 when she played Mrs Robinson and Dustin Hoffman was 30. That’s how times have changed!

Now I am not suggesting that we have 80 year old Escorts, but to an older Gentlemen a 50 year old lady is to quote my Grandfather “a hot bit of stuff” who can still look amazing but have some real world experience to share.

Just looking to todays female icons, many are approaching or over 50 and still look amazing. Selma Hayek, Monica Bellucci, Sharon Stone, Sandra Bullock, Julianne Moore, Demi Moore…

As for the younger man’s fantasy of the older experienced woman, it is such a cliche but as with most cliches it’s true.  Having a beautiful woman take control of your sexual fantasies even just for an hour or two, a sensual older woman who knows what to do can be a very powerful experience.

So as well as the phone ringing off the hook for our younger ladies our two “older” Escorts gear up for a busy week.  Its always a fun competition between the generations to see who gets the most Gentlemen callers.

Any bets? What odds?


Ione x

PS: Last week experience won by 50% …


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