Ever thought of being an Escort in Marbella?


Ever thought of being an escort?  Well I suppose a certain percentage of the population must have, if they are honest, and while most take no action and just remain curious some “take the plunge”

If you do think of becoming an escort, we are always happy to pass on advice, helpful hints and tips as well as a very straight forward view of the pros and cons of the work.

For most Escorts that’s what it is, Now please don’t get me wrong, the majority of the gentlemen we see are just that; gentlemen. They become our friends as well as our lovers and often we form a special connection.  But for however long we are the perfect girlfriend, as soon as the date is over, no matter how much affection is involved, we say goodbye until the next time.

Of course some guests are brief ships that pass in the night. A one-time guest or someone who wants to try something different to what they might have at home,or they simply need to find relief.  No matter what your reason for visiting we hope to provide the experience you desire.

All of this said, most Escorts enjoy the work and the personal and financial freedom it provides, otherwise the job would simply be impossible to maintain.

Being an Escort can a large degree of freedom in terms of both the money and the time required to do the job. certainly at the level our ladies play it is an extremely time-efficient way to earn a significant income. It’s also a chance to meet a host of really interesting people; both Clients and others that work in around the industry. And while “civilians” wouldn’t appreciate it, it really is a very large industry. Certainly here in Marbella!

However, without dwelling on the negative, it also has it challenges. One of which is not being able to tell friends and family what you do, and also the extra need to be away of safety at all times. Both physical and in terms of sexual health. We are fanatical about helping our ladies take care of both!

In terms of the 2nd Circle ladies we have a mixture of newbies and “old hands”.  No matter what, I can say that I am always impressed with the level professionalism and enthusiasm that they show.

So if you want to be an escort, give us a call and we let you know the ins and outs…pun intended! And if you don’t, remember that your choice doesn’t make you better than someone who does, just different.


Ione.  X


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