Kerri is the New British Escort in Marbella

At last Kerri has arrived in Marbs.  Move over world, here she is!  

We have been chatting for weeks about her trip and on Sunday night I went to get my little Pocket Rocket from the airport.  Shes like a real Escort but smaller!  Yes at 5.2” it might not sound like you are getting a lot for your money, but trust me what she lacks in height she makes up for in EVERYTHING else. As you can see…

Image ImageImage

After a long flight from Bonnie Scotland, Kerri was a little tired so we agreed to have a couple of glasses of wine and get an early night before the week started.  So, just as we were sitting down to a bag of crisps (special request. I offered to cook but maybe she has heard about my kitchen exploits… that’s a story for another day.) and pouring our first glass the phone started to ring.

Yes all of you lovely chaps who had been waiting in anticipation for her arrival just couldn’t wait any longer and you just had to book her NOW!

So the wee lassie was off to a flying start as an Escort here in Marbella and some “dates” with some super chaps.  No rest for the beautiful it seems. However we did leave a little time free in her schedule for the first few days so that she could catch some rays and tan that perfect little body to a golden brown ready to show off her curves in her party dresses.

Kerri is on tour for just a couple of weeks this time, then taking short trip back to the UK before settling in here for the summer. So, as with all good things if you want a little taste of Scotland you better give us a call quickly otherwise you will just have to wait.

If you want a little taste why not look at our YouTube channel where you can see and hear the lovely Kerri?

Lots of Love

Ione x


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