Watching Escorts in Marbella Strip Naked

… and then get dressed. And strip and dress…and repeat.

It’s not as exciting as you think behind the scenes on a photoshoot, even with some of the sexiest women in Marbella (and that’s a pretty high bar!). Even after hair and make up – not that my ladies need that much primiping, LOL – there’s constant changes of lighting, changes of setting, shifting and trying out different positions… SORRY, poses!

And then there’s the outfits. Three different lingerie sets each, stockings, several changes of sky-high heels. Occasional fetish outfits – love the red PVC thigh boots Ana – not to mention the dresses; day-wear, girlfriend, cocktail… oh the repetition of it all. It all sounds very glamorous. OK, it IS very glamorous. But there’s only so many times you can watch a beautiful woman pulling a gorgeous dress off to reveal her spectacular body in sexy lingerie before it gets boring. Isn’t there?

Maybe not. Even our highly experienced photographer and Marketing Manager, who normally just blithely crack on with their jobs as semi-naked sex-bombs wander past will occasionally get a shock. Just the right pose, the look in someone’s eye, a sensual movement that reveals the extraordinary body in a different way, and your breath is taken away.

2nd Circle ladies make rooms stop as they walk in. That’s who they are. That’s what they do. Working with them it’s easy to forget the awesome power of beauty and raw sex appeal until it hits you between the eyes unexpectedly.

We did a shoot yesterday with Kerri and Frankie. It was funny and enjoyable and we shot some video that I’ll tell you about soon and post on YouTube… and for four hours everyone worked their tails off. Those women are sensationally sensual and they can’t help putting sex down the lens.

But what struck me most was how they looked when they weren’t on camera. Their bodies screaming sex, their sensual movement. Even caught unawares between shots they look, frankly, like sex Goddesses. Have a look at Frankie just standing and talking. See what I mean?


I’m happy to know them. And if you ever get the chance, you will be too. ;-))


Ione x


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