So you’re young and handsome …


Chaps, let me just say something….the price is the price and the service is the service. If the most beautiful, sexy and sensual women in Marbella want a personal date, do you think they would really have a problem getting one?

My erotic and sensual girl friends are all professional high class escorts and when asked what they like most in a man most would say a “black Amex card” !

Yes, really think about it for a moment. Would Hard Rock Cafe offer someone a discount because they were a good cook? Or give them a free dinner because they were nice?  Would you ask Avis for a cheaper rate because you dress better than their average client? Probably not!

My ladies love to meet new friends and, unlike a lot of escorts, they are cute, educated and good company.  They take their time and make sure that all of our Guests have the best possible time, However this service does come at a price.

So if you are looking for a steak dinner rather than a McDonald’s give us a call.  We can pretty much guarantee you will be back for more. And don’t ask for a discount as a gale of mocking laughter doesn’t generally do much for the libido. Though if it does for you, then Marbella Mistress is always on hand!


Ione X


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