Saturday Night Live


Well that was fun!

The season has started in #Marbella Image so we now have our marketing running in every direction you can think of. And it’s keeping us busy to say the least… we always advertise that we are available 24/7 but from May to October it’s pretty much true!

A lovely guest joined us for breakfast yesterday at 0830 (he brought nutella croissant, bless!) and I was fielding calls at 0720 this morning for my lovely ladies. So I guess that’s pretty much round the clock!

But what do you get the woman who has everything? More! So we decided to try a new tactic yesterday and a couple of our ladies went out as PRs promoting 2nd Circle. Not directly drumming up business, they aren’t street walkers! Just handing out very tasteful leaflets to likely looking gentlemen.

A bit like this (above) but in jeans and T shirts…

Anyway, it was huuuuuge fun apparently and it seems I missed a treat! The ladies started handing out leaflets and got the usual blank but polite looks that Brits abroad give anyone who hands them things (behave!) and they walked the whole of Puerto Banus port. Being energetic and undaunted, they then went back to the start and did the same again. This time people were reading the leaflets and giving them interesting looks and some comments (flattering) which was nice…

Third time around, there is a queue of people wanting to ask them questions, including some girls attending Hen Parties who were wondering about a change of profession! So no idea how much business will come from all that, but it seems I missed a bit of real fun, so maybe I’ll join them this evening and do it all over again. See if we can get to do four laps, perhaps?

I’m off for a cup of tea and my bed. Someone else can take the calls for a while.

Laters with Kisses

Ione x


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