Selling Sex is easy …right?


Wrong!  Its hard work! Even with a product like the extraordinary Diana (that’s her above!)

Let me explain… of course there is always a market for sex, but when times are hard (pun intended) the sex industry gets squeezed just like everyone else.

Even high class escorts like the ladies at 2nd Circle all of whom have regular Gentlemen friends and acquaintances, can find that Gentlemen are booking their time just a little less. Times are hard for everyone, with the exception of the “super rich” (champagne spray parties at 5,000 Euros a bottle and sunbeds at 10,000 euros) and most people are treating themselves less to little luxuries than before.

And I have to say our beautiful ladies are a luxury item. They just can’t help it!

So just like everyone else and partially as we are a growing business we are working hard at our PR and advertising.  This means making connections in the right places and working our little tushes off in meeting people!

So if you are in Banus next weekend and you see me out with one of my strikingly beautiful and sensual ladies trying to promote the business come on over and say hi.  We are always pleased to meet new people and you never know what might happen next!

See you soon.


Ione x


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