Anyone want my address?


So what does a high class escort do when she’s not working? Normal stuff like everyone else with perhaps just a bit more shopping thrown in! LOL.

So when they are not shopping, or lunching, or working out, the ladies often hang out in our place in Puerto Banus. So you will see blondes and brunettes of every age and size chilling on the sunbeds in our garden. A voyeurs dream come true.. It gets better because if you were to capture the moment just right you would see lovely ladies oiling themselves up to protect themselves from the sun. Want the address anyone?

Just another day at the office...

Just another day at the office…

Of course like any “emergency service” our ladies are on call. They are always delighted to fulfill your needs at a moment’s notice. This means that the tools of the trade are always on hand so they can change like wonder women from the bikini-clad beach babe into the exotic girl of your dreams. Poof! Just like that!

In reality this means that we have soft silk undies and satin nightdresses all over the house. Each lady brings her own but, as girls do, each admires and wants to wear the skimpies of the other girls. Now a house full of naked ladies sharing underwear.. not a problem you say. But spare a thought for our IT man.

Yes, we have just one man in our organisation. His real job is that of IT manager and web expert but he is often called upon to help the ladies dress, fix hair and makeup and a host of other little services that would make your eyes pop if you were here.

I think I need some more oil on my legs...can you help?

I think I need some more oil on my legs…can you help?

What a fab job I hear you shout, and it is, despite his feeble protests! So I ask again, anyone want the address?

Ione X


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