We aren’t cheap. But we can be had…

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So, just another day in the office. LOL.

It was my turn over the weekend to answer all of the calls. For those of you who don’t know, along with our online advertising and PR activities, we advertise in the local Costa del Sol paper.  The paper comes out once a week on a Friday and so it usually produces a flurry of calls from both locals and tourists who want something new and different in the bedroom department.

We are an Elite Escort Agency that like to think that we can cater for most needs and our standing joke is “just ask for what you really want and we will try to fulfill it.  However give us 10 days notice if you require a dwarf…..”

We provide beautiful ladies along the Coast to be both your companion and your lover.  Alternatively if you are looking for a “gourmet” snack and are local to Puerto Banus, you can pop in to see us and we will be happy to help in easing your tension for a hour or so in the “Big Bed Of Love.”

Anyway, I digress. My beautiful ladies are paid companions who understand the needs of gentlemen and as you would expect they are in high demand, especially at the weekends. So it always surprises me when callers think that our ladies will date for free. Now I understand a little bit of price negotiation, and whilst we do not discount we will come to an accommodation if a gentlemen has a simple request that we can easily fulfill.  However the price is the price and the service is the service.

Let me explain.

Our ladies love shopping, chocolates and champagne. However at the end of the date (or the beginning, middle and end if you prefer) they are likely to be a “sure thing.”  This to me seems to be much more of an honest transaction that buying someone dinner, drinks and gifts spending probably a lot more than with one of my ladies and then getting “miffed” when she does “put out.” So if one of my ladies agrees to meet you and the date commences then money will change hands.

So why oh why do callers try to insist that our ladies should turn up for free and that as they are a “nice chap / handsome / wealthy / well endowed” they will instantly change their minds about charging for the service or that the date should commence after dinner and the time spent beforehand should be free. I am never sure whether it’s vanity, miserliness or the cliched instinct of “saving the lady from a life of sin”

Yes, please save my colleagues from their awful six figure earnings after tax, their first-class all expenses paid travel and their designer wardrobes and accessories. We need to be swept off our feet and taken back to Bolton…

Chaps, let me tell you the date can begin after dinner but you will be eating alone; not a problem for us.  The thing that you seem not to understand is that it is time you are paying for from the moment you meet to the moment your date leaves not for what happens during the time.  Our ladies do not care if you are young and handsome witty or intelligent they care that you treat them with respect and pay the fee agreed and for this they will be the best company you have had in a long time.  They treat all our gentlemen as special and I am pleased to say that all of the gentlemen who are customers are indeed very special to us.

So I am sure you are a super chap and that we would have had a good time together and if we miss out on your company we will just have to live with it I sure that my ladies all have “one that got away”! However the service is the service and the price is the price.

Lots of love

Ione X


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