Hello wide world…

Hello wide world…


Having spent the last few years “underground” around the world, a well-known and trusted name to a very select and small group, we have decided to launch ourselves to the wider world. Where better to start than our adopted home, Marbella?

Marbella is everything that 2nd Circle is about; glamour, prestige, sensuality.

We have made our home here for many years and when our clients have visited from around the world we have taken care of them in the way that only we now how! But the demand has just become so great as both we and they have occasionally despaired of the quality of service and professionalism available in what should be close to paradise…

Not to blow our own horn – don’t comment it’s too easy – we intend to change the way everything is done here. Only the best, for the best, in the best possible way.

We have always been known by our friends and guests as the finest Agency in the world. So now, just maybe, we might let the world know what that looks like…

We will keep you posted on our story.

Talk again soon…



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